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What are the treatments for psoriasis?

what are the treatments for psoriasis





They include the following psoriasis treatments: –


  1. Topical treatment for psoriasis which is effective in case of mild to moderate psoriasis includes the following: –


  • Topical Corticosteroids which are anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat psoriasis which is mild to moderate.


  • A few specialists propose salicylic acid treatment for treating psoriasis, which soothes the skin by pushing the shedding of psoriatic scales.


  • Calcipotriene which is synthetic form of vitamin D is effective treatment for psoriasis as it slows down the pace of skin growth.


  • Steroid creams are also used as skin psoriasis treatment by reducing the inflammation and itching.


  • Topical retinoid which is a synthetic form of vitamin A is also used as plaque psoriasis treatment.


  •  Coal Tar which is the oldest treatment for psoriasis is the byproduct of the petroleum products. It reduces inflammation, plaques formation and itching.


  1. Light therapy: In this treatment of psoriasis, the affected part is exposed to natural sunlight or the artificial ultraviolent light. Psoriasis laser treatment is also used and is more powerful than traditional light therapy. Laser treatment for psoriasis is the latest treatment for psoriasis and best psoriasis treatment with fewer side effects. They can be carried out alone or combined with medications. It is the best treatment for psoriasis.


  1. Psoriasis medications list: – If one has severe psoriasis, then doctors prescribe the medications for psoriasis. They are the best treatments for psoriasis which include psoriasis medication list as:-


  • Retinoid which has vitamin A is believed to reduce the cell growth is a psoriasis medication.


  • Methotrexate medicine for psoriasis also reduces the cell growth thereby reducing the inflammation.


  • Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant drug and is helpful in treating psoriasis.


  • Immunomodulator medications which change your immune system can be used as a severe psoriasis treatment.


  1. How to treat psoriasis naturally: – Natural psoriasis  remedies includes taking dietary supplements, using moisturizers, no dyes or perfumes, apply olive oil, improve diet, don’t use hot water for bathing is one of the  remedies for psoriasis on scalp.
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