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Top Webmail Clients

What is Webmail?

Web mail, Also know as website email. It is an Online service to manage your website emails. The internet hosting service which runs a domain’s premium emails is known as Email Hosting Server. World’s first webmail was launched in 1997 by Hotmail.

Most popular Web mail clients

1) Squirrel Mail

This webmail client squirrelmail is written in PHP. This is concidered the best webmail client because of the reason it is free and really easy to manage. The Best web mail squirrelmail is available free of cost at major webservers. Squirrel mail server is really amazing webmail client!

2) Horde Mail

It is also Promounced as hord. horde webmail is also very easy to compose emails and manage incoming mail. Horde webmail have the facility to manage contacts, save drafs and keep track of sent emails.

Horde is open spurce webmail which is comparable to microsoft webmail. But the only differnce is that with horde mail, u dont require any computer, it can be accessed from any where, all u need is internet

3) RoundCube Mail

roundcube webmail is a free webmail client and is probably the most common of the all webmail clients. It have various features of drag and drop emails. Roundcube email is the only webmail server which provided full customer support service to solve your problems.

4) Zimbra Mail

zimbra webmail is an on-line webmail client which is sophisticated, robust and user friendly.
The Zimbra supports Calendar, Tasks, and Address Books.

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