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Top 10 worst uniforms (hilarious pics)

Many Big Companies, many jobs and many type pf uniforms, some of these uniforms are hilarious. Many of the official uniforms are like you’d never choose to wear. If u are into job, u have to wear all type of uniforms weather you wish or not. Check out below the gallery of top 10 work worst uniforms. [Source AOL]

Below is the list of top 10 worst uniforms: 

1)  Professional sports coaches are usually a generation older than the athletes, and so are allowed to dress accordingly. Except baseball. America’s pastime asks its managers to don the same garb as the 22-year-old shortstop in the prime of his life. And the results can make for some humorous visual images. Middle aged men who sit around worrying about lineups and pitcher rotations aren’t meant to wear tights. (from left) Philadelphia Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel, Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington, Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke


2)  “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” reads the inscription on the General Post Office in New York City. And while there’s a postal uniform that’s fit for every kind of weather, it’s always in an industrial drab blue and grey.


3) It’s not just the Buffalo wings that are hot. With the trademark “Hootie the Owl” mascot emblazoned across their white tank tops, Hooters girls have been serving up beer and other bar snacks for nearly 30 years. But it’s not the barbecue that makes them come back for more. The revealing uniform policy has been the subject of numerous lawsuits, with commentators often noting the damage done to the women’s movement.


4) They may be responsible for protecting the Pope, but they look like the court jesters. Having been recruited in the 16th century for financial incentive, the corps in the Vatican City remains the only surviving foreign Swiss Guard in Europe. And their blue, red and yellow outfits reflects the fashion vanguard of the Renaissance.


5) The uniform may be aerodynamic, but need it look like that? Cycling can be among the most grueling of athletic endeavors, and so any spectator will forgive the spatial contradiction between the naturally fitting jerseys and the skin-tight bikers’ shorts. Indeed, the compromise between leggings and actual shorts does force the question — is this the best we can do by our cyclists?


6) Becoming a Mormon is serious business. Joining the Church of Latter Day Saints means embracing a life apart — no caffeine, curses or alcohol. And that’s just the start. But as the missionaries spread throughout the world to pitch their gospel, is it really in keeping with the solemnity of their faith to look as if they are selling encyclopedias, nametags and all?


7) “Flair,” is what Joanna, a character played by Jennifer Aniston, is instructed to add to her outfit at Chotchkie’s, a fictional fast food joint in the cult ’90s movie, “Office Space.” She doesn’t take to the mandated enthusiasm kindly, and flips off her boss as she quits. She wasn’t really interested in personifying her fast food chain in her clothing. She just wanted a job.


8) It’s often the elites who live in doorman-operated buildings, and so it might come as no surprise that they don’t want to come home from the office to be greeted by some guy in a t-shirt. It’s true that their duties often require them to spend their days both inside and outside, and so it was a wise choice to include long coats in the outfit. But perhaps the modern doorman outfit is an exercise in excessive formality. When stacked up against the business outfits worn by many of the residents in such buildings, the latter look like the summer’s finest.


9) Sports are supposed to be about fun, and referees are paid to get in the way. Of course, at the professional level, their duty is paramount in defending fairness on the court, while also protecting the players’ safety. Nevertheless, their black and white stripes are the embodiment of buzzkill, and the nickname zebra was never doled out in a tone of gratitude.


10) “Eat Me,” a man wearing a sandwich suit says to Miranda Hobbes in an episode of “Sex and the City.” Hobbes, a lawyer, gets up in arms about the on-the-street encounter, and even ponders legal action. And then she realizes he was just selling — and wearing — his product.

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