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Top 10 Websites to Download Free Fonts

Web developers and designers are people who come into mind when we think of fonts. These are real poeople who use different fonts to make an outstanding product. Selecting a attractive font has become an important part of designing, Different Fonts add attractiveness to your designs. Also a special font can make your design look unique. So overall fonts play a very important role in designing.

Their are different font type, but they are mainly segregated into following categories: script fonts, cool fonts,  graffiti fonts, calligraphy fonts , cursive fonts, fancy fonts, web fonts, handwriting fonts, georgia font, tattoo fonts, archer font, serif font, futura font, calligraphy font, helvetica font, typewriter font, creative fonts, gothic fonts  and cursive fonts.

Millions of fonts are available online some times we have to buy fonts and some times we get free fonts. Thier are many websites which offer free fonts, we can download free fonts from these websites for our windows and mac platform.

All these fonts are html fonts and are compatible with all web browsers.

Here we have 10 cool fonts free websites that offer a great collection free fonts for Windows and Macintosh.

1. UrbanFonts


2. Abstract Fonts

3. Fawnt

4. Dafont


5. Fonts2U


6. Search Free Fonts


7. 1001 Free Fonts


8. FFonts


9. Fontspace


10. Fontcubes

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  1. Andru says:

    I love your blog and i’m agree with the first comment! i found your link of free fonts really useful and helpful, well said that fonts make ur design unique !!!!

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