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Signs and Symptoms of Depression

signs and symptoms of depression

Signs and symptoms of depression


What are the symptoms of depression?


To understand the symptoms of depression better, below given are two lists of various signs of clinical depression.


List of Psychological major depression symptoms: –

  1. Constant low temperament or feeling sad
  2. Feeling miserable and helpless
  3. Having low respect toward oneself
  4. Feel like crying
  5. Feeling blame-ridden is also a depression symptoms
  6. Feeling intolerance towards others
  7. Having no inspiration or enthusiasm toward things
  8. Having hard times in taking any decision.
  9. Not getting any satisfaction out of life
  10. Feeling on edge or stressed is also one of the symptoms of major depression
  11. Having self-destructive considerations i.e. suicide or contemplations of hurting yourself is deep depression symptoms and agitated depression symptoms.This is depression warning signs and it means that it should treated quickly to prevent any loss.
  12. Alcohol or drug abuse is one of the major signs of severe depression.
  13. In exceptionally extreme cases, insane indications, (for example, mind flights or hallucinations) are among the severe depression symptoms.



Physical symptoms of depression: –

Here is a list of depression signs and symptoms which are physical: –

  1. Moving or talking lethargically.
  2. Change in appetite or weight (typically diminished, however once in a while expanded)
  3. Constipation is also among the physical signs of depression
  4. Unexplained throbbing painfulness and body aches.
  5. Absence of vitality or absence of enthusiasm toward sex is also one of the significant signs of major depression
  6. Change in menstruation cycle of women is also one of clinical depression symptoms.
  7. Not able to sleep properly or sleeping too much is also one of the signs of depression.


Childhood depression symptoms includes anger, crying, loss of interest in social activities, being extremely sensitive to rejection, complaining of pains and aches that are not corrected by any medication, finding it difficult to concentrate in studies etc.

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