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Seamless textures of wood

Here is the most comprehensive collection of Seamless textures of Wood for designers. All these are tileable wood textures, which means these textures repeat them self to fill the infinite large web background, so these are perfect for your web designs. These are basically wood floor textures which can be used to model wood flooring or used as seamless wood texture.

This collection include dark wood textures, wood grain textures, old wood textures, white wood textures and much more.

All these wood plank textures are free to download and are free to use for personal or commercial use.


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Seamless Wood textures free for Designers


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  1. […] Seamless wood textures are best textures for web developer. A website with wood grain texture or wood texture background looks awesome. Below is a collection of old wood texture, wood grain texture, wood floor texture, dark wood texture, tileable wood texture, black wood texture, high resolution wood and wood floor texture seamless. You may also like: Seamless Textures of Wood  […]

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