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Multiple sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis information & Multiple sclerosis causes

what is multiple sclerosis




 causes of multiple sclerosis

What is multiple sclerosis?


  • MS multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune ailment that influences the central sensory system.


  •  With multiple sclerosis, the mind experiences issues getting messages to whatever remains of the body.


  • Multiple sclerosis MS cause the body’s resistant framework to assault myelin, which is a protecting covering around nerve cells.


  • Multiple sclerosis disease influences the mind and spinal line, bringing about loss of muscle control, vision, parity, and sensation, (for example, numbness).


  • We know relatively very little about multiple sclerosis but the researches are doing multiple sclerosis research to discover more about the disease. Below is given multiple sclerosis pictures.




ms multiple sclerosis



multiple sclerosis disease



Causes of multiple sclerosis


What causes multiple sclerosis?


The exact cause of multi sclerosis is unknown but here is a list of possible causes of multiples sclerosis: –

  1. Body’s immune system doesn’t function in a proper way and it attcks the central nervous system. But what causes immune system to attach nervous system is not known.


  1. As indicated by the multiple sclerosis foundation, if one guardian has MS, the danger of their youngsters getting the illness is evaluated somewhere around two and five percent. Researchers accept that individuals with MS are conceived with a hereditary defenselessness to respond to certain ecological agents. An immune system reaction is activated when they experience these agents.


  1. Infections may cause some viruses or bacteria to trigger MS.


  1. Environment can also play a role in the cause of MS. As people living far away from equator are more susceptible for this disease.
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