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Increase wireless mouse battery life

A person can increase the battery life of wireless mouse by turning off the mouse himself. There is switch on/off button at bottom of the mouse eg Apple wireless mouse, Logitech wireless mouse, Microsoft wireless mouse etc. But now a days some newer models of wireless optical mouse have feature of automatic shutdown which ensures that mouse is switched off by it’s own when it is not in use for a period of time

But when person has to shut down wireless mouse himself, often person forget to switch off the wireless mouse when he has completed his tasks for a particular day.

One of the better practices to remember is to use windows task scheduler so that when a person is going to shut down his system a reminder message appears on his screen to turn off wireless mouse.

Person can also change his default “system shutdown” and “system log off” sounds which would remind person to turn off his mouse

Follow below mentioned steps to have change in system shutdown and system logoff sounds:

  • Open control panel.
  • Change system sounds.
  • Select exit windows.
  • Browse the sound you want to play as the default sound for the event.
  • By following these steps you will never forget to switch off your wireless mouse batteries and will help in improving the battery life of your wireless mouse


We are going to provide you some tips which would be helpful to increase your battery life:

  • One should always use light color mouse pad as the other colored or textured mouse pads will use more power because tracking sensor of mouse consume more power on surfaces like glass or table
  • Usb receiver and mouse should be closely placed to each other
  • Both batteries of the wireless mouse should be changed at the same time as changing batteries alternatively reduces life of wireless mouse
  • Mouse should be switched off while travelling as when you walk around mouse wake up in your bag which in turn consumes the battery power.


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