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Immediate relief for heartburn

herbal remedies for acid reflux




Heartburn is a burning sensation in chest. It is very unpleasant and it is caused due to stomach acid backing up in esophagus.

There are many medicines for heartburn but home remedies to relieve heartburn are the best cures. One should know how to relieve heartburn naturally .The following are the list of best remedies for heartburn:-

  1. Chewing gum after a meal for 30 minutes helps in relieving heartburn. It is one of the effective heartburn remedies.


  1. Have handful of almonds after meal and you will get immediate heartburn relief.


remedies for heartburn


  1. Drink a half a cup of aloe juice before meals which is one of the best heartburn remedy.


  1. Eating an apple a day or a banana a day is the simplest remedy for heartburn as they act as a natural antacids in the body.


relief for heartburn

fast relief for heartburn

  1. Chewing Basil leaves also provides fast heartburn relief as it minimizes stomach acid.


best heartburn remedy

  1. You can also drink half a cup of chilled buttermilk to get instant heartburn relief.


best for heartburn relief

  1. Taking baking soda is also best for heartburn relief. What you have to do is mix 1 teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water and drink it for relieving heartburn. It is the best heartburn medicine which has no side effects.


heartburn remedy

  1. Taking apple cider vinegar is also one of the best herbal remedies for acid reflux or heartburn.


home remedies to relieve heartburn

  1. Drinking tea made by boiling fennel seeds (saunf) provide immediate relief for heartburn or fast relief for heartburn.


severe heartburn relief


10. Drinking pineapple juice after meals provide severe heartburn relief because it contains enzyme which controls hydrochloric acid in our stomach. It is the fastest heartburn relief.


fastest heartburn relief

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