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How to Watermark YouTube Video

Dear YouTube users, you may have been using YouTube to upload and share your videos with the world, but it would be really an interesting thing if you watermark youtube videos uploaded by you permanently throughout the video. It may be displayed on the top, center or the corners of the video.

Many video editing software’s are available that help you to add logos or bookmarks to your videos you would like to upload on the YouTube. But the problem arises when you want to do the same with your existing videos on YouTube

Recently a feature launched by YouTube allows adding any sort of image to the videos you had already uploaded to the web without any disturbance to original video posted on YouTube with few clicks. And the feature that allows doing so is known as “INVIDEO PROGRAMMING”

If you want to have the benefit of this new feature introduced by YouTube, follow the instruction as mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings.
  • Step 2: Choose ‘InVideo Programming’ from beneath ‘Channel settings’.
  • Step 3: Click to choose whether you want to feature your channel or feature a video.

Logo uploaded can be any custom image in jpg, non-animated, gif, BMP or PNG form. image suggested for best results should be 800*800 pixels. Once the image is uploaded, one can adjust the time and duration for which the image will appear on the screen.

YouTube displays the images automatically over the video by its feature name annotation. Annotation can be turned off by YouTube user. If a user has turned off the annotations logo or images would not be displayed on the screen of YouTube viewers

Also it helps to maintain your copyright, no one can remove this watermark, and hence your video is protected from theft and piracy.

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