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How to increase traffic to your website/blog

Without traffic your website is useless. If you have good amount of traffic you can earn alot from it. Many starters make many mistakes regarding traffic and after trying uselessly give up blogging. We say one thing to our readers “Never back down,Never give up.”. Here is a guide for starters and experienced bloggers who want to increase traffic to their websites/blogs.

Traffic to your website can come from various sources you just need to follow a proper approach.

  • Search Engines – Your prime target should be to get as much traffic from search engines. For getting traffic from search engines your website/blog should be indexed. I wrote a guide regarding how to get your website indexed in search engines. Just follow this guide and you have covered a major step.
  • Site optimization – Site optimization means that you are using proper tags, meta tags and formatting. Formatting includes the design/layout of your website. If you’re website is not user friendly, has lots of ads or you are using a CTR theme then  you have a website which is not optimized. I always stress to bloggers that , “You primary goal should not be to make money,get more clicks on your website but to get more readers and repeating visitors. Once you have unique and repeating visitors revenue will automatically follow. If you are not using any tags,meta tags or your layout is bad then correct it asap!
  • Content – Many starters/newbies open the leading websites/blogs and copy the content and paste it onto their own website. Such kind of strategy is not going to take you any where. I have a confession to make, when I started blogging I also followed the same approach, “Cut and Copy with difference”. Big G(Google) is very smart, it can detect whether the content is copied or not. Once they find out that the content is copied then your website will start to get delisted or your adsense account can also be banned. My advice is write unique content, try not to post too much content in the beginning start max with 2-3 posts daily and after month or two you can increase this number. Build a strong foundation using original content. If you have original content people will definitely flock to your website. Try to write what people around the world are looking for. You will see the difference, go original. If you cannot write on your own, you can always outsource or start guest blogging on your website.  Outsourcing articles is not expensive for 100 words writers charge $1 and guest blogging is some other bloggers coming to your website and posting original content with a backlink to their own website. If you want guest blogger or article outsourcing you can always contact me.
  • Social Networking – After search engines this is going to be most important source of traffic. Create a fan page on facebook, digg, reddit, stumbleupon,Twitter. There are tons of social networking websites but personally I find these four websites to be best. You can get tons of traffic just post good quality stuff and interact with people. Traffic from social networking websites with high rank can generate huge revenues. Also remember to use Google+, try to include Google+ button in your website/articles  and click on it. The more Google+ you have the better ranking you get in Google.

I hope you liked this article, If you have any doubts or suggestions or any different techniques then please post in comments.

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  2. Randy Gideon says:

    To get targeted traffic visitors to my website and blogs,I use facebook,twitter,and most of all
    Google keyword tool and Google traffic estimator. Those Google tools really help in a big way
    with keywords,and they are all free.

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