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How to fix a Phone with Water Damage

Have you dropped phone in water? Don’t Panic if you are victim of dropping phone in water… We will tell you how to save a phone from water damage. Phone can be dropped in water accidently. Getting your phone wet simply means getting your pockets overburdened to buy a new cell phone, But if you are gentle enough you can save your phone from water damage by just following simple 10 steps. We have tried our best to find out how to fix a wet cell phone.

Below are 10 steps which will outline how to fix a phone with water damage:

1) Take Mobile phone out of the water asap. The plastic body of cell phones is fairly tight, but water can enter the phone in less than a minute, So be gentle and grab your phone quickly out of water in 20 seconds. Don’t switch on the phone, as this can lead to short circuit, if your phone has been damaged by water, by any means it needs to be dried.

2) Don’t panic. This is most necessary as some times in panic we do what is not required, u need to have patience. Your phone will not be damaged if you quickly remove your phone from water other wise it can lead to liquid damage.

3) Remove the battery immediately. This is one of the most important steps, as soon as u take your phone out of water, remove the battery. Don’t think just do it, as it will prevent any short circuit. Removing battery on time is first step towards giving life to your phone. Many circuits will survive water logging, provided they are not in contact with water source.

4) Remove the SIM card (cellular chip) of your phone. Almost all of us have some of our valuable contacts on sim card, So removing sim card immediately makes good sense. Though most of the sim cards can bear water without getting damaged, but taking safer side, remove it immediately. Just remove your sim card and clean it with dry cloth and keep it aside, or u can use it in some other phones to prevent your work loss. This step does not applied to CDMA phone carriers, this is only for GSM phones.

5) Remove all peripherals, devices and covers that can be removed. Try to remove all detachable accessories from phone, so as to open as many gaps as possible, so as to give space to your phone to dry.

6) Dry your phone to remove all water. Shake away your phone to remove extra water left in it, If there is even single drop of water left inside, it can ruin your phone by damaging it.

7) Use a vacuum cleaner if possible. If Possible use Vacuum cleaner to suck water out of inner parts. Just don’t put vacuum cleaner so close, operate it 2 inches away from phone, Suck the water with vacuum cleaner and don’t try to blog out the water, as if u try blowing out the water, it can go more deeper and cause more damage. This is the fastest method and can completely dry out your phone and get it working in twenty minutes. Note: Don’t try to use a hair dryer to dry the phone, it will damage your phone.

8 ) Use a material with a high affinity for water to dry out moisture. Keep the phone in a bowl or bag of raw dry rice overnight. The rice will absorb all remaining moisture.

9) Keep the Phone on absorbent towels, napkin, or other paper. After removing the phone from the rice, place the phone on good absorbent material. Remember our aim is to evacuate all moisture from the device.

10) Now Test the phone. After you have done all be above steps successfully with a lot of patience, it now time to test your phone, This should be done after at least 24-25 hours or longer if possible, Re-attach the battery on the phone. Try turning on the phone.


Hope this Works for You!!! Please don’t forget to add your valuable comments 🙂


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  1. Chris says:

    Thank you, It’s very good, but what other materials we can use to put phone into to extract extra moisture . i mean material apart from rice

  2. vikky says:

    Good information & great work. From team Yebhi !!

  3. Nice Post Dear… Keep it up…

  4. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..hope it saves my phone ….

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