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Hair transplantation

hair transplant procedure



What is hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is hair replacement surgery that includes evacuating a thin portion of hair-bearing scalp from the head and utilizing it to fill an area with dainty or no hair. It is one of the latest hair replacement options.


hair transplant




What is the hair transplant procedure?

  1. The hair transplant surgery is called follicular unit extraction (FUE). In hair transplants, the specialist first cleans the scalp, and then infuses an analgesic to numb the territory where a 3- to 4-inch piece of scalp will be uprooted. In the wake of evacuating the segment of scalp with a surgical tool, the specialist puts it aside and sews the scalp shut. This region is instantly covered up by the hair around it.


  1. In next step of hair surgery, the specialist separates the piece of uprooted scalp into pretty nearly 500 to 2,000 modest unions holding an individual hair or simply a couple of hairs each. The number and kind of union utilized relies on upon the hair sort, quality, and shade and the measure of the range where it will be transplanted.


  1. After the unions are ready, the specialist cleans and numbs the zone where the hair will be put, makes openings or openings with a surgical blade or needle, and carefully puts each one union in one of the gaps.


Contingent upon the degree of the technique, the fue hair transplant will take roughly four to eight hours. In some cases extra sessions are required in the event that you keep on losing hair or choose you need thicker hair. It is the best hair restoration surgery or best hair replacement


The best hair transplant procedure

Today’s new hair transplant technology which is ideal follicular unit strategy which is one of the new hair transplant procedures empowers a patient to attain greatly natural results on the grounds that restore hair and mirrors the way an individual’s hair develops naturally. It is the latest hair transplant technology. Hair transplants for women are not very successful because very few women hair loss is suitable for hair transplant for women.



How much is a hair transplant?

Hair replacement cost or the how much is hair restoration cost will depend generally on the measure of hair to be transplanted, yet hair transplant cost by and large goes from $4,000 to $15,000. The hair transplant surgery cost is once in a while secured by protection. Hair transplant for women cost is not justified because it is not successful in many women. Rest you can confirm with your doctor is hair surgery will be a successful or not for you.

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