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Facts about depression

Depression Facts



Depression is a temperament disorder described by low inclination and an extensive variety of other possible signs, which will shift from individual to individual. Depression is not any kind weakness but it is an illness that should be treated. Major Depression: – It is also known as major clinical depression or major depressive disorder.


Now question is what is major depressive disorder?

Depression varies from person to person and also varies in severity from mild transitory span of depression to severe, permanent and long duration periods of depression. Major depressive disorder is a more extreme type of depression. Major clinical depression is an illness in which mood abnormalities like feeling of agony, pain, anger, frustration etc. interfere with the ability of person to his or her daily work and can even lead to suicide attempts too if not treated. So severe depression is as to what is major depression.


Here is a list of few depression facts:

  1. Depression twists your reasoning. When you are depressed, your brain can play traps on you.
  2. Depression is accomplished as tension 65 percent of the time. Verify you get a precise judgment, so you can get the best medicine accessible.
  3. Liquor is a depressant. So are hashish and an assemblage of other recreational or road drugs.
  4. Exercise is the most effortless and minimum unreasonable cure for sadness. Simply strolling 30 minutes a day will help you and at times totally reduce your side effects.
  5. Women are more prone to depression than men.


Causes of depression or Causes of major depressive disorder

Here is a list of few Clinical depression causes/ Causes of major depressive disorder:

  1. Smoking: – Staying away from cigarettes—and staying smoke free—could help balance your mind chemicals because smoking is what cause depression.
  2. Thyroid Disease: – When thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of the thyroid hormone, it is called hypothyroidism and it is a cause of depression.
  3. Poor Sleep Habits: – When one is deprived of sleep, it leads to irritation and that in return is what causes depression.
  4. Deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids which is found in fish is also one of the depression causes.
  5. Unhappy relationships with others especially with siblings trigger depression.
  6. Taking Birth Control pills can also lead to depression symptoms in women.
  7. The one of the Clinical depression causes is the side effect of many medications given for anxiety and insomnia.
  8. Genetic reasons can also be one of the major reasons for major depressive disorder.
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