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How to hide Facebook friend list from others


Privacy, one of the main reason why people want to keep themselves away from social networking sites, But now no needs to worry, because now  you can use Facebook without doing any compromise with your privacy, thanks to the  new privacy settings in Facebook, now a user have all the control over  his photos, information, shared things, profile pictures, friend lists in short almost everything, now it’s your choice you want to share something with friends, friends of friends or want to share with everyone, you can also create a custom friend list in this, to share your photos with limited ones.

Did you know now you can even hide friend list in Facebook from others? If don’t then read on.

On Facebook, hide friend list by following these steps:-

Steps to be followed :  How to Hide Friend list On Facebook

Many of us faced this issue, when unknown people start adding friends by using your friend list, reason because your friend list is public, in order to avoid this issue read on.

  • Login the Facebook account.
  • Go to your main Profile page
  • Open your  Friends page

When one clicks on friends, you get your friends page, there u got to click on Edit button right at the top and then this interface you can manage the privacy of your Friend list. Mostly one should keep the list visible to themselves only i.e. “Only me”, as this provides best privacy for your friends .Here you will find the option to keep your friend list private or restricted. There will be following options to provide privacy to your friend list, which are:-

  • Public
  • Only me
  • Custom

In custom mode, If you want to share your friend list only with friends then you can chose the option of friends, if you want to share it with a specific genre or group of friends then that is the option you need to choose.

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