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Earn Money Online from Fiverr

It is one of the best thing in today’s world that if we are able to get secondary income apart from our regular job. So the easy way to make money is online and one of the best website offering this type of opportunity is fiverr. So how to make money on fiverr, in this website you can sells the service like content writing, writing of articles, editing an image, editing an video and much more. A person on this website can earn as much as 1000 dollars a month, but we need to work hard on it and have to follow below mentioned steps

  • Timely Delivery:

You should take a fiverr gigs which you are comfortable with. You must spend minimum time to deliver your fiverr gig. At fiverr person earns $4 for a gig . $1 remains with fiverr as service charge, since they provide the platform for people to make money.

People usually take more time on a gig. So make your gigs as such as you require minimum amount of time to deliver the gig. For example: if you get a gig to write an article of 1000 words, you have to make a lot of search on writing article and then it will be completed so it will waste a lot of time. So it is suggested to make gigs which can be sold repeatedly eg Selling eBooks on fiverr. Because it is easy to send a book to client after the book is completed. So it takes a very less problem that is with the eBooks are you needed to sell multiple copies of your eBook to have good income from fiverr.

  • Upsell your Gigs:

By providing additional services is one of the methods to earn more money on fiverr. For a content writer he can write professionally in detail and generate a higher income. That is the extra charge for your service. For Example: You can charge $5 for 1000 words article and $10 for 2500 words article.

For success of this service, you need to have clients group having a trust on your service. Once the trust with your client is built up you can offer them services they require. And you can also offer to write articles for them in the future. And price offered will be higher.


  • Uniqueness is key to Success:

A good monthly income can be earned from fiverr by having the task which is not been offered by other on the website eg If you expertise in a certain field and are writing articles in same field and it is not being served by anyone else, for this exclusive service can charge higher than normal.

An innovative person can earn a lot of money through fiverr. If you are creative and can have new ideas which are unique a lot of money can be earned, because people look for innovation and uniqueness in the approach.


To conclude the discussion it is wiser to say that you should offer to sell the task at which you are perfect. Also try to make your work unique and credible. As many web designers are available on fiverr, but if you understand need of the client, you are able to secure your client in future. So in short, don’t waste the time on gigs which take a lot of time and try to work on your gigs wisely. Work Smart Earn More.

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