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Adsense top earners in India

Below is the list of top 10 highest paying adsense blogs and their owners (INDIA)

1. Amit Agarwal:  Amit Agarwal is a tops the list of adsense earners and he is an graduate from IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology).

Estimated Adsense Earnings of US$55000 per month

Website Name:

Alexa Rank of : 1700



2. Amit Bhawani:  Amit Bhawani is from Hyderabad.  He started blogging in the year 2007 and he has gained good name and fame inblogging.  He currently runs a Seo firm in hyderabad


Estimated Adsense Earning of  US$ 30000 per month

Alexa Ranking of the : 16855




3. Harsh Agarwal: Harsh Aggarwal is from Delhi and Started Blogging at the age of 20.

Website name:

Alexa rank of 7576

Estimated Google Adsense earning of shoutme US$ 30000 per month



4. Jaspal Singh:  Jaspal Singh is an engineering graduate from jaipur, he took blogging as his future and is doing real well with his adsense money.


Alexa rank of 10000

Estimate earning of US$ 22000 per month




5.Arun Prabhudesai: Arun Prabhudesai blogs on business trends in India.  He started blogging in 2007 and became quite popular.


Alexa Rank Of : 14000

Estimated Earning of trak,.in: US$18000 per month



6. Nirmal: Nirmal is from kochi, Kerala and he blogs on freeware reviews, internet tips and tricks.


Estimated Adsense Earning: US$ 12000

Alexa Rank of 19000




7. Rohit Langde: Rohit Langde from Nagpur is an engineering student and makes his living from wordpress adsense.

Alexa Rank
 : 33000

Estimated Adsense income of US$ 11000 per month



8. Rahul Bansal : Rahil Bansal is a computer engineer and he make he earns online from google adsense.

Alexa rank of 24000

Estimated Adsense income of US$ 11000 per month




9. Honey Singh: Honey Singh is a fresh graduate who started doing blogging and works on highest paying keywords


Alexa rank of 85000

Estimated Adsense income of US$ 9000 per month



10. Srinivas : Srinivas is a programmer and have blog on highest paying keywords.


Alexa Rank of : 8400

Estimated revenue of Adsense income of US$ 13000 per month

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