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5 Quick Tips to Get Your Facebook Secured

How to secure Facebook? As you all know Facebook is the top social network, Facebook addiction has taken almost every one of us on it. But have you ever thought about the security of your content. In last few months many such cases have come into picture where Facebook accounts are hacked and hackers are misusing the data. This issue has raised as a threat to all Facebook users.

We at All Round News have made an small effort to work on this issue and have made a set of 5 quick tips to get your Facebook life secured.

1. Create a strong password.

Passwords can be easily broken by hackers, the key here is to have a stong password, the tips for password to be strong are:
– Your password should be of at least 8 Characters
– Your password should be complex, the complexity can be increased by use of lower and upper case characters.
– Your password must contain a number or a special character like symbols.

2. Enable secure HTTPS connection

HTTP connection is not at all secured, the data which gets transferred by HTTP can be easily trapped by a middle person, Facebook allows you to use HTTPS connection, which is “Secured HTTP”, in incorporated a feature in which a middle man cannot copy any data from the server and your end. All the data which is transferred by HTTPS connection is encrypted, even if a hacked hacks those data, he wont get any thing out of it.

3. Enable log in notification

If you are still unlucky and your password is stolen, u can enable login notification at your mobile and email which will keep you updated for each time your Facebook account is accessed. The notification come on email and sms. By knowing that someone is using your Facebook account without your permission, you can immediately kick them out and set a new password so that they can never login anymore. This feature is really good and works in many places.

4. One Time Password in login approval

One Time Password is a way where you can authenticate devices to use your faceboook account.  It ensures that only you can login from an unknown device.

5. Log out from Facebook

Though it seems foolish mentioning this, but this is the action that most people forget to perform. Whenever most of the people are done with Facebook, they just close the browser & move away assuming that the session is logged out. Unfortunately, this doesnt happen with most of the browsers. Some browsers save your previous session even though the browser is closed. Remember to logout.


If the 5 steps are followed, you can prevent your account from being hacked, up to great extent, Come on guys post your ideas, whatever you have in your mind for security of Facebook. Lets join hands hands and big bang to Facebook hackers and spammers.

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