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30+ Free Seamless Photoshop Leather Texture

Leather texture is one of the highest searched keyword for use in designs or artworks These Free leather textures can be used at variety of places and have great applications in design and development, Many of iPhone and iPad applications have used leather texture to give an authentic look to their apps. Their are never ending idea where these designs can be used, every designer have a different vision for his designing.

Leather textures are very difficult to hunt over the internet and that too for free, We at all round news have worked real hard to find a fine seamless leather texture collection for you guys. These designs are seamless textures and can be used as Photoshop texture, Photoshop texture (.pad) file is attached at bottom of this post and is available for free.

Here we are sharing with you 30+ leather texture that you can use in your designs. These Designs include brown leather texture, black leather texturegreen leather textureblue leather texture, white leather texture etc.. Go ahead and explore your designs below.

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All of the images are given below are clickable and linked to their source, open image in new page and then again click on image to view in full size.

Downlaod (.pad)

Please don’t hesitate to write a comment. Happy viewing!

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  1. Adana Araç Kiralama says:

    Thank you so much.Nice textures

  2. Kapusta says:

    Beautiful! I can finish my school project right now 😀

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